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Biden Should Not Wrongfully Claim Office Of President – Trump

With Democratic presidential nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden surging ahead in the presidential race, with victory close in his sights, US President Donald Trump on Friday, 6 November, took to Twitter to warn Biden against claiming the office wrongfully.

“Joe Biden should not wrongfully claim the office of the President. I could make that claim also. Legal proceedings are just now beginning!,” Trump said on Twitter.

President Trump’s warning to Biden, however, comes after having himself made several declarations of victory. Trump was slammed from all quarters on Thursday and Friday, including American news channels, late-night show hosts and Twitter, after he once again raised questions of voter fraud and said that if only the “legal votes” were counted he had easily won.

Biden on the other hand has been reacting to these allegations and threats calmly, stating on Twitter that it is the American people who will declare a victor in the race and neither he nor Trump.

The Biden campaign has also started raising funds in order to fight the multiple lawsuits filed by President Trump’s re-election campaign, especially to ensure that their efforts to stop the counting and throw out mail-in ballots in several states do not bear fruit.

Trump’s campaign has so far filed lawsuits in Nevada, Pennsylvania, Michigan and Georgia. However, judges have thrown out the suits in both the latter states, while the ones in the former two are still underway. Trump campaign lawyer Rudy Giuliani has also declared in a press statement that the team have plans to file a national lawsuit if required.

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