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Cooking Gas Prices, Unstable Prices Through 12 Months – NBS

Cooking gas (Liquefied Petroleum Gas, LPG) cost lowest in April 2020 and October 2020. According to a recent report released by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). 

The report entitled LPG Price Watch September 2020, a five-kilogramme refill cost N 1,957 in April 2020 and a 12.5kg refill cost N 4,105 in October 2019. Whereas, a refill of five kilogramme in January 2020 was an average price of N 2,019 in which it was its highest through the 12 month period examined (that is October 2019 till September 2020) while a refill of a 12.5kg cylinder was most expensive in March 2020 costing N 4,181. 

In 2020, January, February and March conceded as the months in which a 12.5kg refill was most expensive although it dropped by 1.7 per cent in September 2020 (N 4,111) but still failing to go as low as the average price of October 2019. A steady decline of 12.5kg refill followed in April 2020 to September 2020. Despite the reduction in 12.5kg refill prices, five-kilogramme refill was followed by unstable prices after April, increasing in May by 0.4 per cent and in June by 0.8 per cent and in August by 1.1 per cent. The south-southern zone was the highest-priced in LPG refill for 12.5kg costing N 4,554 in Akwa-Ibom State and the north-eastern zone being the highest priced in five-kilogramme refill costing N 2,487 in Bauchi State. 

The north-west zone (Kano State) was cheapest in the sale of 12.5kg cylinder refill costing N 3,654. The pressure of demand might have affected the prices of LNG refill across different states.

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