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#EndSARS: Presidential Aide Supports Twitter User’s Inciting Comment Against Feminist Coalition

Bashir Ahmad, the personal assistant on New Media to President Muhammadu Buhari, on Tuesday has come out to state his support for one Mr. Sani Buhari also known as Waspapping, a Twitter user who accused the Feminist Coalition of ‘spreading fake news’ and ‘inciting violence’ using the EndSARS protests.

Ahmad on Tuesday via his verified Twitter handle said, “Laughable! So Waspapping is being threatened with legal action for dragging someone who is so professional in doing the same thing. Some guys can’t take 1% of what they are constantly doing to others. Small thing, they would be like you are going to hear from my lawyers.”

On Monday, Ms. Feyikemi Abudu had addressed a series of inflammatory tweets made by Waspapping which accused her, and Ms. Modupe Odele (@Mochievous). Ms. Abudu had informed Mr. Buhari that she would sue him to court to prove what she termed ‘dangerous falsehoods’.

Waspapping on October 21 tweeted, “Posterity would judge you @fkabudu @feminist_co and your sponsors for keeping the youths on the streets despite the federal government meeting all the #EndSARS demands. You led us here while you guys sit comfortably outside the country.”

Then on November 3, he wrote, “Needless to say @Mochievous, but I’m very glad that your passport was confiscated to stop you from leaving the country after using your platform to spread fake news that incited violence and carnage all over the country. I pray they come for @fkabudu next. One by one all of you will pay.”

And on November 23 he wrote, “It’s just painful and heartbreaking that you’re still not in detention despite sponsoring a violent protest that led to the death of innocent citizens and the destruction of billions worth of properties across the country.”

Kiki Mordi, an investigative journalist and member of Feminist Coalition, alongside others has come out to accuse Waspapping of being a political stooge since he was in full support of the #EndSARS protests during its heyday which was proved by some of his tweets at the time. Mordi assured that Waspapping had solicited funds from Feminist Coalition to organise #EndSARS protests in Kaduna State.

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