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#EndSARS: We’re Coming For Everything They’ve Deprived Us Of, Adekunle Gold To FG

Adekunle Gold, a popular musician, has impressed upon his fans his take on the #EndSARS protests in Nigeria and how it affected him. In a recent interview with Okay Africa, the artiste expressed sadness over how the protests turned out and how protesters were treated.

He said, “It messed with me to know that as the world is growing we’re still tackling basic shit in Nigeria. I would never think that asking to not be killed will result in more killings. We’re not even asking for 24/7 power supply, social amenities, what we’re asking for is hard enough that we almost have nothing. Just stop killing us while we make opportunities for ourselves, don’t profile us.”

He emphasised that Nigeria had hardworking youths who were making money legitimately and this was not being acknowledged by the government. “We have young people making apps now and selling them for millions of dollars, using social media and making money off it. People who left school without jobs available for them are being innovative and making money by themselves. These same people are being profiled, and are being killed, getting sent to prison and no one knows about it. You’ve not done anything for us yet you’re killing us.”

Gold was however full of hope that the protests had sent a note of warning to those in power and how things would soon turn around in the favour of the youths, “The joy I have is that they know their time is almost up and we’re coming for everything they’ve deprived us of. I can only say we need to keep the faith.”

Different celebrities were at the forefront of the protests and have continued speaking about it. While some young people in Nigeria feel like there was a chance with the protests to change the face of governance in Nigeria, they remain outraged at how the protests turned out.

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