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Nnamdi Kanu Launches Eastern Security Network

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi Kanu has launched what he called the Eastern Security Network (ESN).

Mr Kanu said during a live Facebook session on Saturday night that ESN was established to defend the people of the eastern region from bandits allegedly trooping in from the north.

“Unveiling the Eastern Security Network. This is our answer to insecurity and Fulani terrorism,” Kano said.

The IPOB leader blamed the upsurge of killings by bandits and herdsmen in the east on leaders of the region.

Hundreds of young people were shown in a video in an undisclosed location dressed in a black uniform with a red and green beret.

Kanu said he launched the security network because of the region’s leaders refusal to form one similar to Amotekun introduced in the south-west.

“We are going to announce our preparedness to defend our land of Biafra, having to wait for many years for our governors in our land, the entire south-east and south-south to do what their counterparts in Yoruba land did and even what the terrorist Meyetti Allah managed to do which our governors have failed to do till this very day.

“We have decided to take it upon ourselves to defend the land of Biafra; we are determined and resolute and we are not going to stop until we eradicate every trace of Fulani terrorism in our midst.

“Our invaders, we were being told, come from the Gambia, we were being told they come from Mali, some from the Niger Republic, some are from Chad according to the Governor of Kaduna State, El-Rufai. Therefore, we are setting up the Eastern Security Network to combat the excesses of these vagabonds and criminals. We are going to defend our lands from the ravage of the Fulani,” Kanu said.

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