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The Impact Of A Rapidly Changing World On Journalism

Journalism is the art of writing, editing and presenting news articles for widespread distribution, typically in electronic publications and broadcast news media, for the purpose of informing the audience. But Journalism has gone beyond this definition in a globalized world that is fast changing.

Conventional Journalism has expanded its frontiers to digital and data journalism, taking advantage of the new media. Therefore, not only is news distributed in text or picture formats, but complex issues or news can be simplified or reduced to graphs, pictograms, charts, tables and so on for the audience. These analytical tools have been relied on to pass information more effectively and better the understanding of the audience by simplifying lengthy stories.

Also, the changing world has added more impetus to journalism with the feedback mechanism of the social media. Journalists and media organizations now have the privilege of sharing published reports on any of the social media platform and receiving feedbacks such as: likes, sharing, comments and views. This trend is a boost to reportage in terms of reach to the target audience. This is where the citizens come in, whereby they not only serve as spectators in the scheme of things but also contribute to the agenda setting responsibility of the media in a democracy.

The changing world has also contributed to the marketability of media organizations. Through the use of the social media and the rating platforms, a media organization is able to evaluate its performance or acceptance to the public. It is also able to sell the platform to the public thus making more money sustain itself.

Also, the fast-changing world has afforded journalists the opportunity to do investigative stories more than ever before. The proliferation of the internet, the social media and the promulgation of freedom of information law has opened the space for journalists to investigate issues that have hitherto been official secrets. As a result, the mandate of holding government accountable has been further boosted.

Therefore, journalism in a rapidly changing world is one with lots of opportunities, potentials and options. For a practitioner to fit in, he would have to undergo training in digital and investigative skills. Investigative reporting is now the trend beyond just everyday reportage. Investigative reporting is painstaking, rewarding and very professional.

Journalists in a changing world would also need be to one step ahead of the society for which they represent as watchdogs. In this light, journalists must be well-read, equipped, intelligent, creative and follow daily news trends on all platforms. Only through this can they fit into journalism in a rapidly-changing world.

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