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World Humanitarian Day: Foundation Donates To Women, Children In FCT Community

Ahead of the World Humanitarian Day, a foundation, Always Sisters, have called on Nigerians to remember the poor and the needy in the country.
He said the government and some privileged Nigerians should not look the other way while so many Nigerians, especially, women and children are in need.
August 18 every year has been set aside as World Humanitarian Day.
The Chief Executive Officer of Always Sisters Foundation, Mrs Chika Kate Obiechina, while on a humanitarian visit to Lokotiye, a border community between the Federal Capital Territory and Nasarawa state, advised Nigerians to try and be their brothers’ keeper, no matter how privileged they may be.
She said, ”We are all about developing children, young girls and women. Most especially, indigent women because we know that in the society, women are the hands that cradle the children. So we though it will be nice to interfere in the lives of these women.
”These are some of the things we take for granted because we are a bit privileged. What some of these women need is a little push to aspire to be someone.
”What pushed me to engaged in this movement is that, there was a time, I had an issue and nobody cares or wanted to know what i was going through, even, at this my privileged position. Where everyone can say let me deal with these issue. What do you think happens to these less privileged women? So, I decided to see how I can come in between and fill the gap.
This is not the first outreach we have done. We registered it in 2011, however, it took me  seven years to put my acts together. We have done medical outreaches, orphanage visitations. In 2019, we did something like this in Nyanya. Last year, we couldn’t do anything because of COVID. We just want to do something a little to make these women’s lives better.”
According to her, the organisation do not have sponsorships or partners, adding that for three years now, the programme has been funded from personal pockets and donations from friends, families and well wishers.
”All these gift items we came here with were made possible by these women that came with me. One thing with people is that, when they see you are consistent and passionate about what you are doing, they will key in. The bottom line is, we want to help out as much as we can, when we can. .
”I got to know about this place through my photographer, who goes into the interior. I asked him to get us places where people doesn’t know that they exists so that by coming here, it will place them on the map of being noticed
” Helping or intervening in the lives of people comes from within. It is not everyone that has that passion to help”, Obiechina said.
Items such as food, cloths, sanitary pads, shoes and books were distributed among women and children in the community.
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